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Gallery - Untitle by A P Santhanaraj
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Artist Name:A P Santhanaraj

Painting Name:Untitle

Reference Number:1087


For Sale

Medium:Ink on Paper

Size:14 x 11 in



Cost:Rs.50,001 to Rs.100,000

NOTE: All pricing on the website are subject to change and in case of error shall be corrected on enquiry.
All paintings paid for within India will be subject to a 14.5% VAT

DISCLAIMER (10-9-2015)

This is to state that I, Bishwaji Banerjee, recently wrote an article on Ganesh Pyne for a catalogue of a show of works from the artist held at Chennai. This is to clarify that I or Artworld had nothing to do whatsoever with the Curating, Mounting and Sourcing of the works in the show.