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Surya Prakash

Artist Name:Surya Prakash
Reference Number:43
Year of Birth:1940
Style: Abstract, Figurative
He studied at the Govt.College of Fine Arts and Architecture, Hyderbad, 1961
1975 he visited several museums, Galleries in West Germany, France, England, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Britain etc.
He has participated in many exhibitons:
1981 Five Indian Artists Manneheim West Germany
1982 Modern Indian Art Exhibition, Kunsthalle Darmstadt, West Germany
1979 20 Indian Artist, Frankfurt
Numerous exhibitions In India and abroad
He has won several awards:
1962, 65, 66 Hyderabad Art Society All India Annual Exhibition
1963 Gold medal, Hyderbad Arts Society
1962, 65, 68-72 Andhra Pradesh Lalit Kala Academy State Annual Art Exhibiton
1966 Gold Medal, State Lalit Kala Academy
1966 National Award Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi
1975 Academy of Fine Arts, Calcutta

Surya Prakash
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