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Badri Narayan

Artist Name:
Badri Narayan
Reference Number:
Year of Birth:1929
Style: Figurative

Badri Narayan was born in 1929 in Secundrabad. A self-taught artist, his work has explored several mediums such as painting, mosaic, ceramic tiles and printmaking in woodcuts and engravings. Since 1949, he has held several solo exhibitions and participated in many group shows, including a number of international biennales and triennials.
Besides being a painter, Badri Narayan is a keen student of Indian philosophy. He is also an accomplished writer, and has both written and illustrated books for adults and children. His articles on folklore and mythology and his short stories and tales for young readers frequently appear in print. Under the aegis of the Senior Fellowship, 1984-1986, he wrote an extensive paper on "The Art of the Child and the Modern Painter". Badri Narayan has interacted and worked extensively with children including juvenile delinquents and the handicapped young. He has conducted art workshops and camps and narrated stories to live audience of children in television studios. He believes that the storyteller will be active again and in spite of the onslaught of the electronic media, the live story-teller will continue to play an important role generating warmth and understanding in human relationships.
He received the National Award in 1965 and was awarded the Padma shri in 1987. After living in Mumbai for about five decades, Badri Narayan has recently shifted to Bangalore
Art Museum, Sharjah, U.A.E. 2006
Khajuraho Drawings Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal 2005
Aruchai Art Gallery, New Delhi 2005
Gallerie Zeri Bangalore 2002
Gallery Muller & Plate Munich Germany 2001
Art world Chennai 2000
Dhoomimal Gallery New Delhi 1999
Bharat Bhawan Bhopal 1999
Rettospecitive Aurodhan Gallery Pondicherry 1999
Dhoomimal Gallery New Delhi 1989, 92, 96
Pundole art Gallery Bombay 1982, 86, 90, 95
Sarla Art Centre Madras 1979, 80, 87
Sistas Art Gallery Bangalore 1987
Alliance Francaise Bangalore 1980
Cymroza Art Gallery Bombay 1973
Jehangir Art Gallery Bombay 1975,77
Taj Art Gallery Bombay 1978
Shridharani Gallery New Delhi 1972, 74, 76, 78
AIFACS Gallery New Delhi 1967
Kala Parisad Gallery Bhopal 1973, 77, 78, 85, 90
School of Art Indore 1962
Bharati Kala Bhawan ujjain 1959
Gallery kasahara Osaka, Japan 1981
Continental Hotel Sharjah, UAE 1987
Indian Sports Club Dubai, UAE 1987 Gallery in Amesgericht Germany 1974
Maison Des
3rd Tricanale India 1974, New Delhi
National Exhibition 1972, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1988, 1989 New Delhi
Contemporary Indian Art World Trade Fair, New Delhi 1972
Miniature Format Exhibition New Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Madras 1980, Bombay 1991
Selected Works from National Exhibition Madras, Bombay 1989 and Prazae, Chukoeslovakia, 1989 Ouaks Trienrude 1990, 93, 96, Japan
"Arshr Circle" 15 Emingent Painters Taj Hotel and "Art Worked Gallery" Chennai 1997
"Art in Industry" RMCF, Tara Nagar, Jamshadpur 1998
3 Indian Painters "House of Asia Gallery Rotterdam Holland 1996"
Contemporary Indian Art National Gallery of Modern Art Kulalamper and University Museum, Penang, Malaysia 1999
Chalta Trimnale, Japan 2001
National Exhibitions (Inited artist) 2002 Ahmedapad
Indo-koera Exhibition Seoul Kore 2003
International Exhibition Kobe, Japan 2005
Harmony Annual Exhibition, Arushi Gallery, New Delhi 2006
70 years Danomimal Gallery, New Delhi 2006

Badri Narayan
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