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M Sooriyamoorthy

artist Name:
M Sooriyamoorthy
Reference Number:
Year of Birth:1944
Location:Tamil Nadu
Style: Figurative

1944 Born in Neidavasal, Tamil Nadu.
1963 G.D First Class, First Rank, Government College of Arts and Crafts, Chennai.
1963 - 1965 State Lalit Kala Academy Scholar.
1965 - 1968 National Scholar at the MS University, Baroda under Professor KG Subramanian and Mjyothi Bhat Specialized in Painting, Murals and Graphics.
1989 - 1991 Senior Fellowship, Government of India (Department of Culture)
1991 - 1992 Sri SH Daya Fellowship, Mumbai.
1987 Sponsored by Alliance Francaise de Chennai, Raoul Follereau Foundation, Pondicherry (750 works); Regional Center, Lalit Kala Academy, Chennai.
1988 Kala Parishad, Bhopal, Government Museum, Chennai.
1990 Airport, Chennai.
1994 Rashtriya Kala Mela, Chennai, Regional Centre, Lalit Kala Academy, Chennai.
1995 Rashtriya Kala Mela, Bangalore.
1997 Easel Art Gallery, Chennai.
1998 Indrakannan Unique Art Gallery, Poompuhar.
1990 International Association of Art, under the sponsorship of UNESCO, New Zealand.
1991 3rd Biennale International Pastel Exhibition, France.
1993 - 1994 Biennale Van De Kleingratiek of 1993, Sini-Niklas.
1994 International Poster Exhibition, Mexico.
1995 18th International Exhibition of Prints in Kannagana'95.
1999 International Art Exhibition, Romania.

M Sooriyamoorthy
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